The History

A Tradition since 1920


A tradition since 1920


Edoardo Biondi first began selling sewing and knitting machines in the 1920s, following the First World War of 1915’1918, in front of the Pia Square Cathedral in Cesena. The first brand that was sold was SINGER. He later moved to 8 Mazzini Street where he received a license on 22 August 1927, according to the historical archives of the town. In 1933, Gino Biondi (the grandson of Edoardo Biondi) began working with his uncle on Mazzini Street. According to the historical archives of the town, Gino began his own business in 1944 on 149 Cesare Battisti Street and ended on 11 May 1983. 

Commercial sewing machines: NECCHI

Delio Biondi (the brother of Gino Biondi) began working with his uncle, Edoardo Biondi, on Mazzini Street, providing the sale and servicing of machinery for knitting and sewing. In 1963, he opened his business on 54 Marconi Street, developing his services in the knitting machine sector in particular. He was initially a producer of knitting machines from the company ELECTA, then from other brands. He ended his practice on 22 January 1990. In 1989-90, Andrea Biondi (the son of Delio Biondi) continued the tradition, selling the brand BROTHER. He brought together the knitting machine sector of his father and the sewing machine sector of his uncle.